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Joan B. – Las Vegas, NV

Just used my Soyabella for the first time and it was so easy. Soaked the beans overnight and bingo, the next morning a quart of milk in 15 minutes!

Catherine W. – Minneapolis, MN

I have used my Soyabella for several months now, and I still can't believe how easy it is to use! No more lugging heavy cartons of soymilk home from the grocery store -- and no more cartons going in the garbage, either! I just made my first batch of almond milk last night; making almond milk was even easier than making soy milk. Worth every penny I spent on the maker!

Martina S. – Berwyn, IL

After the first use I am addicted to Soyabella. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and has great performance! And from the soybean residue (Okara) I make different kinds of spreads, with onion, garlic, walnut, and honey, so nothing is wasted! Plus it can grind nuts and spices as well!

Sarona K. – Lawrenceburg, TN

Soyabella is innovative and a good thing for the future. Soy is a product of the future and making my own soymilk is absolutely wonderful! I loved the taste and the health and benefits I get from the product. I really enjoy my Soyabella. I even make different flavors and almond milk too!

Dennis L. – Munsing, MI

This handsome eye-catching appliance was a welcome addition to my kitchen counter. Upon reception, I immediately set out to preparing the basic soymilk, after a quick perusal of the easy to read instructions, I set the beans to soak and was sampling the fresh soymilk the following morning. It wasn't long before I was drinking a glass of delicious vanilla soymilk. And its best features are its fully automated processing and consistent results.

Bonnie M. – State College, PA

I would recommend Soyabella to others because of its versatility and ease of use. To create such neat products from this machine is wonderful! I even made soy cheese from the milk!

Deborah S. – Portsmouth, RI

Family members tell me that soymilk from Soyabella tastes fresher, (I agree) and better then any store bought soymilk they have tried. I also used the milk to make the tastiest muffins! Plus, the recipe booklet was great.

Brenda E. – Bloomington, MN

I never previously thought about making soymilk but am delighted to know how it works, how inexpensive it can be done and how good it tastes. There's no need to spend $3 on a half-gallon. We feel much closer to the food we eat. The Soybella works well and is very easy to learn.

Tracy S. – Littleton, CO

This machine works great! I can honestly say that I use my Soyabella every day, and in more ways than one. I put hot fresh soymilk in my coffee every morning, and I use soymilk in my kids' breakfast smoothies! My husband drinks a cup of soymilk every day. It's fast and easy to use. The steel finish matches my coffee pot and blends in with my toaster oven, too. Thank you for making a machine that is not only useful, but pretty too!

Daniel G. – Buellton, CA

My wife surprised me with this machine as an early birthday present. I used to make soymilk the old-fashioned way: boil water, grind the soybeans, strain it through a cloth – the works. Now I can get fresh soymilk in less than half an hour. I didn't mind going to all the trouble to get fresh soymilk before, but this saves me so much time!

Moose F. – Jason, SC

I really like drinking soymilk, so I was thrilled when I saw that I could make my own, fresh, and in minutes. So I bought a Soyabella right away. I was even more thrilled to find that my wife could make raw nut milks with it! Then, she called Tribest and they told her that she could even use the machine to make split pea and lentil soups! We haven't tried making the soups yet, but I for one, am very impressed with this multipurpose machine. You really only have to push one button for the magic to begin.

Harry P. – Johannesburg, MI

I'm vegetarian, and soymilk helps me get the protein I need. Sometimes I blend it with other foods and make a breakfast meal of it. I am so glad this machine is out there for people to use and enjoy. It's pretty easy to clean, too.

Bonnie M. – Lexington, KY

I LOVE MY SOYABELLA!!! I love mine so much that I bought one for my mom because it is so easy to use and we both have been playing with it in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes. THANK YOU, TRIBEST, THANK YOU!!

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