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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Soyabella soymilk maker different from the others on the market?

The most important difference that sets Soyabella apart from other soymilk makers is that it does not use an exposed heating coil that can be cumbersome or dangerous when handling the machine. We hid our heating element safely inside the stainless-steel carafe, for easy operation and cleanup. Also, Soyabella features a sleek and contemporary design that looks absolutely stunning in any kitchen. Soyabella can be used as a coffee grinder and dry-food mill with the included accessories, which eliminates the need for another appliance sitting on your kitchen shelves, and takes advantage of Soyabella's high-powered grater for other uses.

What safety features does the Soyabella have that other soymilk makers don't have?

Soyabella was designed with safety in mind. Unlike Soyabella, most soymilk makers have an exposed heating coil that is attached to a head unit to heat up the soymilk, which presents problems when moving the head unit and finding a place for it to cool. It makes cleanup more difficult by making the grinding unit difficult to access. A great feature of Soyabella is that the grinding blade cannot spin unless it is safely enclosed within the carafe. Soyabella comes with an overflow sensor that prevents soymilk from flowing over the edge of the carafe during operation. There is also a sensor that allows the carafe to be heated only if there is water inside it.

How does the Soyabella soymilk maker work?

Soyabella is extremely easy to operate. Simply fill the carafe with water, add soybeans to the milk screen, attach it to the head unit and assemble the machine. Press the 'milk' function button on the head unit, and the machine does all the work.

Soyabella works by heating the water in the carafe and then grinding the soybeans inside the filter screen. This allows the soybeans to steep into the water. The soy pulp stays in the filter screen so it is easy to clean.

How long does it take to make soymilk?

Making soymilk in Soyabella only takes about 15 minutes.

Why should I make soymilk at home rather than buying it from the market?

It is always best to eat food fresh. Making soymilk at home gives you the nutritional benefits of drinking soymilk and allows you to control the consistency, flavor, and variety of soymilk that you want to drink. You can add flavorings and sweeteners to your milks for variety, such as vanilla and mango.

Store-bought varieties can contain additives, sugars, preservatives, and other unnatural elements. By making soymilk at home, you are controlling everything that goes into your soymilk, and therefore controlling what's going into your body.

By making soymilk at home, you have access to the okara that can be used to make delicious foods.

What are the benefits of soymilk over cow's milk?

Soymilk is a great dairy alternative for people who are lactose intolerant. Soy is a strong source of high quality proteins, isoflavones and B-vitamins. It is a mineral- and vitamin-rich plant protein and a strong source of soluble fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and phytonutrients known for fighting disease. Unlike dairy, soy offers a high content of polyunsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

  1. Soy products are cholesterol-free and excellent vegetable sources of protein.
  2. Soy products are high in protein but free of saturated fat that can cause health problems. Replacing traditional high fat based proteins found in meats with soy based proteins can help promote weight loss and reduce a person's LDL cholesterol levels.
  3. Soy products like tempeh are high in fiber – essential for a healthy digestive tract.
  4. Soyfoods grow abundantly across the US, replenish soil rather than deplete it and are economical to purchase raw or processed.

Where do I buy soybeans to use in Soyabella and do soybeans come with the purchase of a Soyabella?

You can purchase soybeans for the Soyabella through Tribest (; 888-254-7336), or at natural foods stores around the country. Soyabella does not come with soybeans, although soymilk-making kits containing soybeans and flavorings will be available through Tribest in the spring.

Other than soymilk what else can I make with the Soyabella?

Soyabella is great for making milk from a wide variety of nuts, grains, and rice. It can even be used to make delicious porridge or rice paste. Soyabella comes with a grinding feature to grind grains, nuts, coffee, and other dry foods.

With tofu coagulator, you can use the soymilk from Soyabella to make home-made tofu. Use the okara left over from the soymilk to make a wide variety of delicious foods. With optional equipment, you can use your soymilk to make nutritious soy yogurts.

It's been 15 minutes, and my machine still has the red light on that indicates it is still cooking. Why hasn't it finished already?

The time it takes for the Soyabella to produce soymilk depends on the temperature of the water. The sooner it takes the water to reach 181 degrees Fahrenheit, the sooner your soymilk will be ready.

The buttons on my machine won't work. I plug it in, and the red light blinks that it's ready, but when I push any of the buttons, nothing happens.

There are a few reasons why this could happen. First, make sure you've removed all of the plastic coverings from the plug (these are the clear plastic "sleeves" that went over each metal prong). Then, make sure you've secured every piece securely before plugging in the machine. The machine has several safety sensors to ensure safe operation. Try unplugging the machine. Remove the head unit and see that the water level is between the 2 markings indicated. Check the head unit and see that the screen is properly and evenly secured to it. Press the head unit firmly in place so that there are no gaps. Now plug in the machine and press the corresponding button, depending on what you are trying to make.

How do I make raw nut milks with the Soyabella?

It's quick and easy to make raw nut milks, using the mill button. Load the nuts into the milk screen, attach the screen to the head unit, and lock it securely into place. Fill the stainless-steel chamber with water until the water level is between the 2 water-level line indicators. Connect the head unit to the machine securely, then plug the machine into a power outlet. Once the red light begins to flash, you can press the "mill" button on the machine. The machine will grind for about 10 seconds. Press the "mill" button for as many cycles as you like to reach the desired consistency. It will take around 3-5 cycles to reach an appropriate consistency. You've just made raw nut milk in less than 2 minutes!

How easy is it to make soymilk with Soyabella? I don't want to spend a lot of time setting up the machine and waiting for the milk to cook.

It's very easy! You fill the screen with soybeans, fill the stainless-steel chamber with water, attach the screen to the unit, place it on top of the machine, plug it in and press one button! It only takes about 15 minutes for the machine to finish cooking the soybeans.

How hard is it to clean Soyabella? I don't have time for an arduous cleaning process.

Cleaning is a breeze with Soyabella. For cleaning, you only have to clean the inside of the stainless-steel chamber, the underside of the head unit and its attached blade, and a stainless-steel screen. Soyabella comes complete with a cleaning brush and cleaning pad for added convenience.

Other soymilk makers have an exposed heating coil which often burns ingredients and can be extremely difficult to clean, especially while hot. With Soyabella, all the parts are easy to reach and clean.

I like soymilk, but I have family members who are allergic to soy. Isn't it a waste of money to buy a machine just for making soymilk for one person?

With Soyabella, there is something for everyone, as Soyabella isn't limited to only making soymilk. Soyabella can be used to yield milk from a variety of nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes. You can also use it to make soups, pastes, porridges – the possibilities are endless!

I have what seem to be a million different kitchen products. How am I supposed to make room for yet another kitchen appliance? My cabinets are full!

Soyabella takes up very little room, with a sleek design. And if you have absolutely no room at all in your cupboards, Soyabella would make a beautiful addition to any countertop. Why would you want to hide such a beautiful and multifunctional machine?