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The Revolutionary Soyabella Provides an Elegantly Easy Way to Make Fresh Soymilk at Home!

Santa Fe Springs, CA – There is no doubt that soymilk consumption has recently been on the rise (especially among those who are lactose-intolerant or allergic to cow's milk) because it is a strong source of high quality proteins, isoflavones and B-vitamins. And, as more and more Americans embrace healthier lifestyles, they are looking for convenient ways to prepare fresh foods and beverages at home, enabling them to enjoy the highest quality of vitamins and minerals in their natural state.

Ideal for health enthusiasts, busy families, or anyone who wants to enjoy the nutritional benefits of freshly made soymilk at home, Tribest Corp. introduces the Soyabella Soymilk Maker. Soyabella is the only soymilk maker on the market whose design, versatility, convenience and advanced safety features make it an elegantly easy way for practically anyone to make fresh soymilk (and a variety of other delicious recipes) in the comfort of their own home.

The Soyabella Soymilk Maker features a stainless-steel carafe with a sleek and contemporary black trim, as well as different program settings that control temperature and grinding time. By simply adding soybeans and water to Soyabella, it takes as little as 15 minutes to prepare fresh soymilk right on the kitchen counter. Once the milk is made, you can add brown sugar, vanilla, or any other desired sweetener – or just enjoy its natural sweetness!

In addition to making soymilk, Soyabella can make raw almond milk in 30 seconds and is great for making milk from a wide variety of beans and rice. As well as fresh dairy alternatives, it can also make porridges, split pea soup and much more. It doesn't stop there – Soyabella's dry food grinder accessory enables grinding of dried beans, nuts and grains that result in a rich, smooth consistency. And for java lovers, it can also grind fresh coffee beans.

"A growing number of consumers – beyond the traditional health enthusiast – have begun to realize that incorporating whole foods into their daily diet is vital to both their physical and mental health. We designed Soyabella as a safe and convenient tool for making fresh soymilk and other tasty creations a part of their daily food consumption," says Tribest Corp. President, Jae Choi. "With the simple touch of a button, Soyabella is easy and safe for anyone to use, allowing even the most reluctant health enthusiasts to enjoy fresh soymilk in the comfort of their own homes."

While other machines have exposed heating coils that get very hot and can create inconvenient mishaps that require cleaning burnt milk off the coils, the all-new Soyabella uses a hidden heating element to heat the water, making it safer to use and easier to clean. In addition, various unique sensors are included to ensure the highest quality soymilk production. For example, the overflow sensor ensures that Soyabella does not create any needless mess and the dry-run sensor ensures that Soyabella will not heat its boiling chamber when not filled with water. Furthermore, Soyabella's overheat sensor automatically gauges the temperature, ensuring that the unit does not overheat or burn its contents. And finally, as the utmost precaution against injury, Soyabella's blade cannot spin unless it is enclosed inside the unit's boiling chamber.