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Soyabella features the latest innovations and safety features that give it an edge over other soymilk makers. See how Soyabella stacks up against the competition:

Heating Element
soyabella head unit

No exposed heating coil! It is safely hidden underneath its stainless-steel carafe
other soymilk machine head unit

Exposed heating element attached to the head unit
An exposed heating element can be dangerous when it is hot and can also burn ingredients during processing – leading to difficult cleaning and compromised taste.
Carafe 1-piece, seamless stainless-steel Multi-piece stainless steel; or plastic Soyabella's stainless steel carafe is made of one piece and has no seams, making thorough cleaning quick and easy. Stainless steel is considered to be the desired material to cook in.
Filters 2 included – for making milk; and for making soups and porridges 1 included for making milk Soyabella includes 2 filters and one grinding cup, allowing you to make a variety of recipes including delicious milks, hearty soups, creamy porridges, and more!
Grinder Cup Included Not Available The Grinder Cup allows Soyabella to grind coffee beans, nuts, grains, and other dry ingredients.
Multi-Function Microprocessor Yes No The multifunction microprocessor lets you make more than just soymilk with Soyabella. Different program settings allow you to make soups, porridges, pastes, and even raw nut milks.
Cooking Cycle Control Temperature-Controlled Timer-Controlled Soyabella's cooking cycles are controlled by temperature rather than time, meaning you get perfect results every time!
Design Space-saving design with a sleek stainless steel carafe and elegant black trim Outdated, bulky and clumsy design Soyabella's elegant and sleek design makes it look great in today's modern kitchen and saves space on your counter